Rae’s Academy of Tae Kwon Do is a full-service martial arts training and fitness program for the whole family located in Boynton Beach, FL. Serving Palm Beach County, including Delray Beach and Lake Worth, Rae’s TKD Academy offers classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced martial arts students of all ages, from pre-K to adults. Tae Kwon Do (sometimes spelled taekwondo) is a traditional form of martial arts originating in Korea. It is similar to karate (which originated in Japan). At Rae’s Tae Kwon Do Academy, we focus on helping each student reach their personal best, with an emphasis on integrity, honesty, self-discipline and focus. We’ve started students in our Tigers program as young as 3 and our adult program can be adapted for people of all skill and fitness levels. Our youth programs also include school after-care, day and summer camps, and parents’ night out evening events. At the core of each is our Raise Leaders leadership program, which emphasizes personal responsibility and service to others.



At Rae’s Academy of Tae Kwon Do, training is more than just physical fitness. It is developing the mental skills to persevere and achieve any goal you choose. Rae’s Academy of Tae Kwon Do offers classes for students of all ages—from beginners to advanced levels—and provide a great opportunity for families to share a health-promoting and beneficial activity. We believe that martial arts combine the best aspects of fitness training and reinforcement of values. In addition to developing self-defense skills, martial arts training builds confidence and respect—both for oneself and for others.


Our unique After School Martial Arts program channels after school energy into a positive, productive afternoon of supervised homework, fun activities and quality martial arts training. Our program provides for a safe space for your child from the time they get out of school until you get off work. And we work with you and your child to motivate them to be the best that they can be. Raise Leaders after-care program is not a day care, but it is a great alternative.


Our full day summer camp is a great opportunity for kids to have summer fun while practicing taekwondo and doing a variety of other activities including daily field trips. Students will return to school after an active summer with visible progress and accomplishments of which they can be proud. In our summer camp kids learn firsthand how focused effort pays off! They will advance through our taekwondo curriculum while developing martial arts skills and increasing their level of fitness.