Martial arts + Gymnastics + Homework = #aftercare. For $350/month, your child will learn modern martial arts, self-defense and gymnastics, complete their home-work, and develop leadership skills that will carry over into their schooling and other aspects of their lives.


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2019-2020 AFTER-CARE



In our studio, we create a respectful, cooperative environment in which kids have responsibility for others and show respect to others. We also teach students to manage responsibilities that are theirs alone: a clean uniform, homework agenda, and a B average and respectful interaction. Our program stresses personal discipline, taking responsibility and setting goals—skills that carry us through life. We also promote self-confidence and self-respect, which give your child the courage to say NO in the face of peer pressure.

Best of all, our martial arts classes are full of excitement and fun!

Your children will train with some of the country’s best taekwondo athletes, and witness the rewards of perseverance and hard work. You can feel confident your children will be receiving the finest instruction available from instructors committed to excellence and continued learning.

Our after-care is ACTIVE - Our students run, kick, jump, sweat, train and play every day.

Our after-care is FUN - Our students have a blast everyday! We teach exciting martial arts classes (like board breaking and jump kicks).

Our after-care is FRIENDLY - Our campers develop friendships that last a lifetime in a positive, motivating environment. Components of our curriculum include anti-bullying and the value of friendship.

Our after-care students are FOCUSED - Martial arts training develops attention span by teaching your child to focus on the task at hand while improving their listening and reaction skills at the same time. As a result, your child will excel in physical activity, improve their ability to stay focused, and become an astute listener in the dojang, at home, and in school.

Our after-care promotes LEADERSHIP - Our students say yes ma'am and yes sir and participate in group discussions about leadership, courtesy and integrity. Our daily practices and routines center around responsibility and respect.

Safety is paramount at Raise Leaders. All after-care counselors must pass a nationwide background and drug screening and must hold current CPR certification.


Transportation: We transport students in fully air-conditioned 15 Passenger Ford E-350 vans. Each student is required to wear a seat belt. We have booster seats available for our smaller students. Our drivers are subject to rigorous criminal background checks and must have clean driving records. Fun fact: You probably know our drivers! We hire drivers with a family relation to the Raise Leaders program, so more than likely their kids are in after-care with your kids!

Lockers: - After-care students are provided a locker to keep their uniform and belongings in. We ask that students take their uniforms and t-shirts home on Fridays to wash and bring back on Monday.

Day Camp: We are open for day camp on most days that schools are closed. Review our list of Ninja Camp days on the side bar.

No previous training is necessary, all levels Beginner+ are welcome to attend. Our after-care best suits children ages 5-10 (please inquire about our leadership program for children older than 10). 



10 PAYMENTS OF $350 per school year
Tuition includes pick up from school, assistance with home-work and daily martial arts and gymnastics training.


Monday: Sparring Drills
Tuesday: Kickboxing / Self-Defense
Wednesday: Belt Test Prep
Thursday: Acrobatics / Parkour / XMA Kicks
Friday: Fun Day


Monday, September 2nd

Monday, September 30th
Ninja Camp

Wednesday, October 9th
Ninja Camp

Friday, October 18th
Ninja Camp

Monday, November 11th
Ninja Camp

Monday, November 25th-Friday, November 29th

Monday, December 23rd-Monday, January 6th
Winter Camp TBD

Thursday, January 2nd-Monday, January 6th
Ninja Camp

Monday, January 20th
Ninja Camp

Friday, February 28th
Ninja Camp

Monday, March 23rd-Monday, March 30th
Spring Break Camp

Friday, April 10th
Ninja Camp

Monday, May 25th


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