Friday, June 3rd (Day Camp)
Week 1: June 6th-June 10th
Week 2: June 13th-June 17th
Week 3: June 20th-June 24th
Week 4: July 27th-July 1st
Week 5: July 5th-July 8th (pro-rated)
Week 6: July 11th-July 15th
Week 7: July 18th-July 22nd
Week 8: July 25th-July 29th
Week 9: August 1st-August 5th
Week 10: August 8th-August 12th


7:30-9:30am Drop off
9:30-10:00am Group focus
10:00-11:30am Enhanced Training
11:30-12:30pm Lunch at the park
1:00-3:30pm Daily field trip
4:00-6:00pm Ninja Training / Pick up
6:00-7:30pm Extended care


Our camp is ACTIVE - your kids will run, kick, jump, sweat, train and play every day. TKD kids are fit kids and the summer is the best time to enhance fitness and martial arts skill levels.

Our camp is FUN - your kids will have a blast everyday! We go on daily field trips, teach exciting martial arts classes (like board breaking and jump kicks), play team sports at the park (yes, we love soccer) as well as do workshops in photography, art and video production.

Our camp is FRIENDLY - your kids will develop friendships that will last a lifetime in a positive, character development driven environment. Part of our curriculum focuses on anti-bullying and the value of friendship.

Our camp promotes LEADERSHIP - your kids will say yes ma'am and yes sir and participate in group discussions about what it means to be leader. They are reminded that they have a responsibility to do the best that they can every day.

No previous training is necessary, all levels Beginner+ are welcome to attend. Our camp best suits children ages 6-12 (please inquire about our camp program for 5 year olds and our community service program for children older than 12).