Respect, Leadership, Community. These words say a lot about what is carried home with the students at Rae’s Academy of Taekwondo. The tenets of taekwondo – Integrity, Courtesy, Self-Control, Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit have a lasting impact on young lives. From the friendships that are made to the life lessons learned, the benefits of a martial arts community are irreplaceable. It is in this spirit of community that we introduce our youth outreach program Raise Leaders.

Raise Leaders was created to expand the tenants of taekwondo beyond martial arts training. As a studio we now provide the local community with after-care and summer camp programs that teach the same values. Not only do we hold our students to these standards, but as instructors and staff we are constantly striving to lead by example. Every year we offer eight students who show exemplary leadership, and financial need, scholarships to participate in these programs.

We are asking for your support to help us reward even more children this summer, by making a small donation. Your support assures that Raise Leaders remains financially accessible to children of all socioeconomic backgrounds within our community. This is essential to who we are as a leadership organization. Currently, we offer six partial and two full time scholarships. We would love to expand this effort to offer financial assistance to twenty families of exceptional youth.

Raise Leaders remains committed to serving all youth and families, regardless of financial circumstances. With your help we can assure that money is never a barrier to attending our leadership summer program. No matter the size of your gift, we ask that you contribute to support Raise Leaders; a community organization that has already helped many and is continuously changing lives.


Thank you for your continued support.

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